Huvitz HBK-7000-S Digital Blocker


The Huvitz HBK-7000S Smart Blocker saves you time and money thanks to several advanced digital features.
The unit’s Auto Balancing mechanism allows for greater precision and impressive ease of use. The HBK-7000S also offers five communications ports, allowing you to connect to two edgers when needed. In fact, it integrates perfectly with the Huvitz Excelon and XD edging systems. This extremely user-friendly device features an 8.4-inch high-resolution color LCD panel with an intuitive icon-based touch screen. It also offers ample storage, LED and more. The Huvitz HBK-7000S truly provides the versatility and efficiency that today’s practices require.


Features of the HBK-7000S Digital Blocker

▪ Advanced Display with Tilt
▪ Graphical Touch Screen Interface
▪ Extensive Networking Possibilities
▪ Auto Balancing
▪ Ample Storage
▪ LED Illumination
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic Advanced Display with Tilt
The HBK-7000S features an 8.4-inch high-resolution color LCD panel that tilts between 45° to 65° degrees to accommodate to the viewing angle of the operator.
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic Graphical Touch Screen Interface
Thanks to intuitive graphic icons, the HBK-7000S is accessible to virtually any operator. The user-friendly touch screen and graphical interface make blocking easy for all skill levels.
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic Extensive Networking Possibilities
The HBK-7000S seamlessly receives frame shape data and transmits data to two edgers. The unit offers five communication ports, for edgers, tracers, barcodes and more.
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic Auto Balancing
The HBK-7000S features Auto Balancing for greater precision and ease of operation. With Auto Balancing, the lens on the lens stage is automatically leveled by the lens leveler and the lens holder.
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic Ample Storage
Saving jobs is easy with the HBK-7000S. An external SD memory card slot saves all the information you need for future use.
HBK-7000S Digital Blocker Huvitz - us ophthalmic LED Illumination
The LED lamp on the HBK-7000S provides ample, life-long illumination


$3,100.00 $2,450.00


Product Description

Lens Size Max. 3.15in / 80mm
FPD 1.18~3.92in (30~99.5mm)
PD 1.18~3.92in (30~99.5mm)
Mono. PD 0.6~1.96in (15~49.75mm)
OH -0.6~ +0.6in (-15~ +15mm)
Mode Optical center / Boxing center
Accuracy Position 0.5mm
Axis -0.5°~ +0.5°
Method Manual
LCD 8.4 inch TFT / 800×600 Color
Input Method Touch Panel
Tilting range 45°~65°
Serial Edger (2 channels)
Frame Reader (1 channel)
Reserved (1 channel)
Barcode Reader
Ext. Memory SD Card
Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement



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