Owandy Opteo Digital XRay Sensor

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The Fifth Generation of Owandy Opteo Intra Oral Sensors confirms Owandy’s strength in dental imaging systems. This sensor brings forward 5 generations of learning what means most in digital imaging. The Opteo sensor has a durable and strong sensor cable. The Opteo Sensor has Ultra High Resolution CMOS imaging. The Opteo sensor produces images quickly and reliably.

Owandy Opteo Sensor

Owandy Opteo Sensor

The Opteo Sensor Brings The Best Of All Worlds

  • Direct to USB with no costly sensor interfaces
  • High Quality Ultra High Definition CMOS Sensor
  • Premium Scintillator Technology for Optimum Clarity and Sharpness
  • Included Twain Drivers for Maximum Compatibility with Many Image Management Software Solutions
  • Ultra Durable Cable Design and Sensor Housing
  • Completely Watertight Housing
  • 2 Year Warranty with optional Care Plans for accidental damage
  • Optional installation for $60 per computer
  • Comes In Size 1 and Size 2

Technical Specifications:
• Theoretical resolution 25 lp/mm
• •Scintillator: CSI deposited on fiberless substrate
• Read out time: 2 sec.

Active Image Sensor Area:
Size 2 Sensor: 34 mm X 26 mm
Size 2 Sensor Resolution: 1300(H) x 1700 (V) pixels

Size 1 Sensor: 30 mm x 20 mm
Size 1 Sensor Resolution: 1000(H) x 1500 (V) pixels

Warranty Info:
• 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Included With Purchase:

  • 1 Sensor
  • 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty
  • 500 Sensor Barrier Shields
  • Sensor Drivers Disc
  • Sensor Calibration File

$2,100.00 $1,650.00


Product Description

The concentration of technology makes intra-oral imaging even easier.

Equipped with the CMOS technology, the Opteo intraoral sensor allows for the acquisition of high definition images in all simplicity.

Simple and intuitive, Opteo distinguishes itself especially by its ergonomics and its design. Its rounded corners and its bevelled sides and its remarkable thickness offer to the patient an optimal comfort.

Thanks to its direct USB connection and its 3 meter cable, the opteo sensor is portable: it follows the dentist in his daily practice no matter what the layout of his office.

The integration of the A²-S innovation (Automatic Activation System) further increases the features of the sensor.


Owandy Opteo USB Direct intra Oral Digital Sensor.

Quick Diagnosis:

Cut down on the visualisation time of your x-rays , They are taken instantly in high resolution , No developing or scanning time required.

Optimised patient / Pratitioner Relationship:

Integration of the Aquired images in your patients digital files.

Mobile and Portable Solution:

The X-Rays are processed with the help of digital imaging filters and tools, Network enabled -Information and equipment sharing.

Reduction in the radiation doses, use of non-toxic materials:

Patient safety and enviromental impact taken into account.

Owandy Opteo Digital X-Ray Sensor System


Owandy Opteo Digital X-Ray Sensor System

Atraumatic & Ergonomic

The rounded off edges and the Bevelled sides make the Opteo Digital Dental Sensor the Perfect response to your handling and patient comfort requirements. In addition to this, the thickness of the sensor and diameter of the cable have been reduced to a minimum.

The flexibility of the cable and the fact it is positioned high on the sensor guaratee easy positioning in the mouth. There is no risk of Cable rupture , the comfort in the mouth is ideal.


High Definition & Percision

The direct USB connection guarantees instantaneous X-Ray image capture. The high definition (20pl/mm) associated to 14 bits grey levels , perfect clarity and ideal brightness and contrast in the images afford excellent legibility of the X-Ray. The large active surface area of the sensor offers an Optimum format for the X-ray image. Your Diagnosis is therefore accurate, Quick and reliable.

Owandy Opteo Digital X-Ray Sensor System

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