Carestream Dental RVG 6200 System


With the RVG 6200, your ideal image is just a few clicks away. Offering a number of user-defined image processing tools, the RVG 6200 allows you to customize images according to your own specifications for enhanced diagnosis and ease of use.
Three anatomical image enhancement modes can be applied to acquired images, including endodontic, periodontic, and dentin-enamel junction, and a user-friendly sharpness filter with dynamic slider bar makes it easy to see contrast changes in real time. Using sharpness ranging from 0 to 6, you can choose the image contrast you prefer.
For your convenience, you can also select an anatomical mode and sharpness level and save it as a custom default setting.
Carestream Dental’s RVG 6200 offers a streamlined, 3-step acquisition process: position, expose, and view. Practitioners simply position the sensor in a patient’s mouth, capture the image and the image appears within seconds, further streamlining workflow.
The RVG 6200’s high-definition image resolution provides film-quality digital images for improved diagnosis. The RVG 6200 also comes with a convenient dose indicator that identifies over- and under-exposures, so practitioners can quickly adjust the settings, reducing the need for retakes. Along with its standard rear-entry cable that makes for easier positioning, the RVG 6200 offers practitioners enhanced ergonomics for increased patient comfort.

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Product Description

The RVG 6100 is the ideal solution for periodontists, offering a size 0 sensor designed specifically for pediatric patients. Featuring a lightning-fast USB 2.0 connection, the sensor produces crystal-clear images in a snap-giving you instant access to high quality intraoral images. The sensor offers very high sensitivity with up to 40% less radiation when compared to size 1 RVG sensors.
Digital speed. Maximum resolution.

The RVG 6100 digital radiography system lets you capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly and easily. RVG 6100 sensors offer unsurpassed image resolution of >20 lp/mm, the same quality as film, offering exceptional detail. It’s designed for those who are seeking maximum precision, and, like all Carestream Dental products, gives superior results while being exceptionally easy to use.

The RVG 6100 System provides the following features and benefits:-

Built To Last:-

Thanks to rigorous design and testing all RVG sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility. Completely waterproof, RVG sensors can be safely submerged in disinfectant. The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers protection from falls, bites, and other damage. In addition, fiber optics protect the detector from x-rays—ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return of investment.

Sensor durability is so important to Carestream Dental that we have a lab dedicated to analyzing the robustness of the RVG sensors. Testing ensures they meet strict design standards for durability, cord flexibility, and submergibility. Each sensor is also tested during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure they meet our quality and imaging performance standards.

Industry-Leading Image Quality:-

The RVG 6100 is the result of decades of experience in digital radiography. Our advanced technology with optical fiber yields high image resolution, while greater exposure latitude helps ensure optimal image capture over a wide range of exposure, all in a compact sensor—making it an ideal choice for pediatric applications.

Optimal Performance:-

In addition to its exceptional image resolution, the RVG 6100 is also one of the fastest digital imaging sensor on the market—displaying images in less than two seconds. The sensor is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure easy image capture, analysis, and sharing.

Unparalleled Usability:-

Don’t let its abilities fool you…the RVG 6100 is one of the most user-friendly sensors on the market. With its remarkably easy-to-use features, anyone on your team can master the art of intraoral imaging. The sensor remote control enables convenient chairside examinations, while a complete set of positioners makes placing the sensor quick and easy. And, as with all of our sensors, the RVG 6100 sensor is designed to resist shocks, bites, and drops—ensuring maximum durability and a lasting return of investment.

Superior Patient Care:-

With its ergonomic design, the RVG 6100 provides superior comfort and safety for your patients. The size 0 sensor reduces exposure by as much as 40%, while its small size and complete set of positions ensure a more comfortable examination for patients with small mouths.

Comprehensive Imaging Software:-

Don’t forget to include one of our easy-to-use imaging software programs to your purchase. Designed for seamless integration with your RVG 6100, our portfolio of imaging software provides all the tools you need to view, analyze, and manage your images—after all, what good are your images if you can’t access them?

Easier Positioning:-

With the RVG 6100 Sensor designed for pediatrics, positioning is even easier than before. The rounded corners of the sensor are more comfortable for patients, and the new rear-entry cable helps ensure the sensor is properly placed to capture a range of images.

A Wise Investment:-

The RVG 6100 provides all the tools you need to work more efficiently. Positioning takes less time than ever, and images are displayed in seconds to drastically reduce wait time for both you and your patients. With such productivity enhancing tools, it’s easy to see how the system can quickly pay for itself.

Technical specifications:-

Sensor Size : 1
True image resolution : Greater than 20 Ip/mm
Connection : USB 2 High Speed
Technology : RVG Sensor technology with Optical Fibers
Purpose : General Purpose Sensor
Outside Dimensions : 27.5 x 37.7 mm
Dimensions of Active Area : 20 x 30 mm
Matrix Dimensions : 1200 x 1600 pixels


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