Roland monoFab SRM-20 Desktop Milling Machine


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        As a small milling machine, the SRM-20 offers compact size and powerful functionality at an affordable price. Production of realistic parts and prototypes is made simple and convenient with a device that fits into any office, home, or classroom environment. For users looking for advanced milling capabilities without the need for expert operating skills, the SRM-20 is the easiest and most precise CNC mill in its class.

        SRM-20 Compact Milling Machine

        Precision and Productivity

        Engineered for optimum efficiency and productivity, the SRM-20 is a next-generation desktop mill that boasts a micro-step motor drive system for clean and precise contours and a phenomenal feed rate that’s two times faster than previous generations.

        Multi-axis milling is as easy as X, Y and Z

        The SRM-20 was designed with a number of technological advancements that include a touch-button VPanel controller to regulate feed rate, spindle speed and milling on a complete X, Y, Z axes, and a new independent collet system that allows for faster setting of the Z-axis base point and quick tool changes.
        SRM-20 VPanel controller

        Distinguishing Features

        Subtractive Prototyping of Complex Snap Fits
        Maximum axes operation: 8″(X) x 6″(Y) x 2.38(Z)
        Bundled Software Suite, including SRP Player
        Powerful Spindle Motor
        Independent Collet System
        G-Code Compatible
        $3,900.00 $2,980.00
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