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        Details The AHP300 is a new broad-featured transport ventilator designed to meet the specific needs of modern EMS response. Features and Benefits Broad Featured Capability Invasive and non-invasive support for infant (5 kg and up) to adult patients, with a flexible array of ventilation options including Pressure Control/Volume Control ventilation , SIMV/Assist Control spontaneous breath [...]
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        The first ventilator designed expressly for the EMS professional, the AutoVent 2000 provides independent controls for tidal volume and BPM. The AutoVent 3000; with additional inspiratory time settings; offers an even wider range of patient applications to meet most critical emergency care situations. Both models are designed to meet ventilator needs in a variety of [...]
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      • EPV200-2T
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        Simple, lightweight, robust and affordable, the EPV200 with Assist-Control is a portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide effective ventilation for intubated or non-intubated patients, maximizing medical surge response during the initial stages of a mass casualty event. This gas-powered electronically-controlled vent is extremely easy to use, and is equipped with independent inspiratory time, tidal volume [...]
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        Details The paraPAC plus delivers the versatility to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand and free fl ow oxygen therapy and CPAP all from one compact, lightweight unit. The paraPAC plus is designed for use in a wide range of environments. This includes the use in hospitals and in more demanding locations such as ambulances, aircraft, outdoors [...]
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        Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 Ventilator
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        Philips Respironics Trilogy 100 Ventilator

        Simple Ventilation. Sophisticated Technology. Trilogy makes invasive and noninvasive home ventilation less complicated with a simplified user interface and Respironics’ proven BiPAP technology for greater versatility. Its lightweight design and internal and detachable batteries make portability easier for patients on the go. Simplicity Light, versatile, and easy to use, Trilogy100 offers clinicians and patients one of life’s greatest qualities – simplicity. Whether at home or in alternative care sites, the

        Trilogy100 portable volume and pressure support ventilator with BiPAP technology is made for adult and pediatric use. Offers Two Circuit Options Interchangeable active and passive exhalation porting blocks give clinicians the flexibility to choose the best available circuit and interface for patients. Its internal PEEP, combined with a single limb circuit, creates an uncomplicated application. Portability Trilogy100 has been designed with portability in mind.

        • Weighs 5 kg (11 lb.)

        • Includes 3-hour internal and 3-hour detachable batteries

        • Ability to connect to an external lead acid battery DirectView Ventilation Management Software
        Trilogy100 provides ventilation data and prescription management through the use of an SD memory card.

        Environmental Specifications
        – Temperature: 5°C – 40°C
        – Relative humidity: 15% – 95%
        – Atmospheric pressure: 110 kPa to 60 kPa

        Physical Specifications:
        – Weight: 11 lbs, 5 kgs
        – Size: 6.6″L x 11.2″W x 9.3″H (16.68 cm L x 28.45 cm W x 23.52 cm H)

        – Circuit types: Active with PAP, passive
        – Ventilation types: Volume control, pressure control, bilevel
        – Volume modes: AC, SIMV (w/PS), CV
        – Pressure modes: CPAP, S, S/T, T, PC-SIMV (w/PS)
        – IPAP: 4 – 50 cm H20
        – EPAP: 0 – 25 cm H20 for active circuits; 4 – 25 cm H20 for passive circuits
        – CPAP: 4 – 20 cm H20 for passive circuits
        – PEEP: 0 – 25 cm H20 for active circuits; 4 – 25 cm H20 for passive circuits
        – Pressure support differential: 0 – 30 cm H20

        Measured Patient Parameters:
        – Tidal volume: 50 – 2000 ml
        – Breath rate: 0 – 60 for AC mode, 1 – 60 for all other modes
        – Inspiratory time: 0.3 – 5.0 secs
        – Rise time: 1 – 6
        – Ramp start pressure: 0 – 25 cm H20 for active circuits; 4 – 25 cm H20 for passive circuits; 4 – 19 cm H20 in CPAP mode
        – Ramp length: Off, 5 – 45 minutes
        – Flex: Off, 1 – 3
        – Flow trigger sensitivity: 1 – 9 l/min
        – Flow cycle: 10% – 90%
        – Apnea rate: 4 – 60 BPM
        – Tidal volume: 0 – 2000 ml
        – Minute ventilation: 0 – 99 l/min
        – Leak rate: 0 – 200 l/min
        – Respiratory rate: 0 – 80 BPM
        – Peak inspiratory flow: 0 – 200 l/min
        – Peak inspiratory pressure: 0 – 99 cm H20
        – Mean airway pressure: 0 – 99 cm H20
        – Percentage patient triggered breaths: 0 – 100%
        – I:E ratio: 9.9:1 to 1:9.9

        – Circui:t disconnect: Off, 10 – 60 secs
        – Apnea: Off, 10 – 60 secs
        – High tidal volume: Off, 50 – 2000 ml
        – Low tidal volume: Off, 50 – 2000 ml
        – High minute ventilation: Off, .1 – 99 l/min
        – Low minute ventilation: Off, .1 – 99 l/min
        – High respiratory rate: Off, 4 – 80 BPM
        – Low respiratory rate: Off, 4 – 80 BPM

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        Details The paraPAC is a powerful and compact gas powered ventilator which meets JAMA guidelines for adult, child, and infant ventilation during CPR. The frequency control varies the breathing rate from 8 to 40 per minute and is color coded with the tidal volume control which gives volumes from 1300 ml to 70 ml. The [...]
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        Details Suitable for the ventilation of adults, children and infants, ventiPAC covers the widest range of ventilation parameters. It operates reliably and provides alarms and monitoring similar to those found on more sophisticated ventilators. The clinician is able to alter the inspiratory and expiratory phases of ventilation to allow for critical patient requirements and can [...]
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        Details The Pneupac VR1 has been designed as a ventilator/resuscitator for medical personnel in the hospital, ambulance, fire, and police services, and also for use in industrial and commercial markets. The nature of the environment in which caregivers have to operate requires the product to work in demanding conditions. Features and Benefits Single Knob Tidal [...]
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        Details babyPAC™ is specially designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs of patients ranging from neonates through pediatrics up to 20kg with precision and confidence. It has a sophisticated range of ventilation controls including CPAP, variable I:E ratio and variable oxygen concentration. The babyPAC™ also incorporates a comprehensive range of alarms. Features and Benefits [...]
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