Newport HT70 Classic Ventilator


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        The Newport™ HT70® Ventilator combines ease of use, clinical finesse, exceptional portability, and ruggedness in one compact package. Designed for patients weighting 5kg to adult, the HT70 is ideal for home care, transport, hospital, longterm care, and emergency preparedness applications for invasive or noninvasive ventilation. The full color touch screen is easy to navigate and offers specific screens for homecare, transport and hospital applications, default or customizable presets, Alarm Quickset and Help functions.

           – AC Power Cord
           – Letter of Re-Certification
           – Operator’s Guide
           – 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor

        The compact HT70 features a newly designed, patented, micro-piston technology that eliminates the need for external compressed gas. The hot swappable integrated battery system provides up to 10 hours of operation at standard settings and can be fully recharged in only 3 hours. For a long transport, a full day at the park or in case of a power emergency , the HT70 allows for virtually continuous operation.

        $3,500.00 $2,300.00
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