MyRay X-Pod Wireless Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor


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        Details about Myray XPOD with Size #2 Sensor (SKU# XPOD-2)
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        MyRay X-Pod Wireless Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor (MyRay)

        Self-sufficient diagnostics

        X-pod allows you to simply walk into the operatory room and instantly collect crystal clear radiographs. Review and zoom the high resolution images on a wide yet pocketsize touchscreen display and don’t worry about external power supply, wires, software or a PC. X-pod incorporates them all. Leave X-pod on charge overnight and get a whole day’s autonomy from the lithium-polymer battery.

        less Digital System

        X-pod, the new pocketsize medical device created by MyRay, provides instant diagnostic quality radiographic images on a handheld device.

        My Ray X- Pod Wireless Digital X-Ray Sensor Touch Screen System

        My Ray X- Pod Wireless Digital X-Ray Sensor Unit

        Built to last, made to feel comfortable


        X-pod features the latest generation of intraoral sensors, with thin outer casing and with chamfered edges and rounded corners. Sealed and liquid proof, the sensor has a hardened outer casing and a reinforced cable attachment. X-pod incorporates a hot-plug for small and large MyRay sensors, a fast USB port for convenient data sharing and Bluetooth interference-free wireless connectivity.

        Wireless connectivity

        Bluetooth 2 is the widely adopted wireless communication technology that allows for fast image transfer to your PC only, truly respecting patient privacy. The MyRay patented interference-free implementation makes it even more reliable and safe. Once on your PC, use the imaging software of your choice to mount images in full-mouth templates.

        My Ray X- Pod Wireless Digital X Ray Sensor System

        My Ray X- Pod Wireless Digital X-Ray Sensor Sample Picture

        Exclusive hi-tech sensor

        • reliable and durable, available in two sizes

        • rugged, built to last

        • reinforced cable attachment on sensor back

        • sealed and liquid proof

        • hardened outer casing

        • rounded corners

        • thin profile 

        My Ray X- Pod Dental Wireless Digital X-Ray Sensors

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