Lumenis UltraPulse Surgitouch with ActiveFX


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        Lumenis UltraPulse Surgitouch with ActiveFX, DeepFX and Incisional
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        Product Specifications
        Device Type UltraPulse Fractionated CO2
        Wavelength 10,600 nm
        Laser Type UltraPulse or CW
        Spot Sizes 2000 µm, 1300 µm, 1000 µm, 200 µm, 120 µm
        Power to Tissue 240 Watts
        Percent Coverage per Pass 5-100%
        Depth of Penetration up to 2000 µm per pulse
        FDA-Cleared indications >100
        FDA-Cleared Aesthetic indications 34
        Full Resurfacing Capabilities Yes
        Fractional Capabilities Yes
        Incisional Capabilities Yes
        Excisional Capabilities Yes
        Recommended Passes per Treatment 1
        Estimated Time per Pass 15-20 minutes
        Estimated Time per Treatment 15-20 minutes
        Consumable Cost per Treatment $0-$40
        ActiveFX UltraScan CPG Up to 500 Millijoules Pulse Energy (<2 milliseconds)
        DeepFX Microscanner Up to 600 Watts Peak (<2 milliseconds)
        Focused Incisional Handpiece Up to 150 Watts continuous (<30 seconds), 0.2mm and 1.0mm)
        TruSpot Colimated Handpiece Up to 2mm Spot Size


        Manufacturer Notes
        UltraPulse with SurgiTouch – the world’s first application guided pulsed CO2 laser

        Indicated Uses:
        ActiveFX – Treat fine lines, texture and dyschromia
        DeepFX – Treat deep wrinkles and scars
        TotalFX – Combine ActiveFX and DeepFX for total outcomes

        Focused Incisional handpiece for precise incision and large area ablation, skin resurfacing and precise surgical work including blepharoplasty and
        wart removal. (0.2 mm and 1.0 mm)

        TrueSpot collimated handpiece delivers consistent fluence over a range of working distances. Ideal for skin resurfacing, acne scars, actinic keratosis,
        basal cell carcinoma, burn debridement, scar treatment, rhinophyma and removal of nevus. (Up to 2.0 mm spot size)

        With six times the power of most CO2 lasers, the UltraPulse system is the preferred laser for advanced applications. Delivering speed, versatility, performance and precision, UltraPulse easily supports a full spectrum of aesthetic and surgical capabilities.

        • 6x more powerful than other CO2 lasers
        • 4x the depth of penetration of any other CO2 laser (up to 4.0 mm)
        • 2x the treatment speed of most CO2 lasers
        • 240 Watts of power to tissue
        • 225 mJ of energy
        • Optimal ablation / coagulation ratio
        • Effective single treatment, single pass = > means fast recovery
        • Advanced patented technologies
        • Offers the most delivery options
        • Customizable with unmatched versatility in a range of treatments
        • Low cost consumables
        • 34 FDA cleared dermatology and plastic surgery indications fractional CO2 treatments available—reduced downtime and provided dramatic results. Both procedures require only one system, one pass and one treatment.

        UltraPulse high-energy short pulse:
        • Ablates tissue quickly and provides hemostasis
        • Delivers four times more energy per pulse than the super-pulse laser
        • Results in more new collagen formation than the super-pulse laser

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