Huvitz Kaizer RPA ABL Kit 110V


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        Huvitz Kaizer RPA ABL Kit 110V
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        Includes 1 Edger HPE-8000, 1 Auto Blocker HAB-8000 and Kit Water Tank and 2 Pumps
        Features of the HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

        ▪ Finish Various Lens Materials
        ▪ Diverse Beveling Options
        ▪ Simulation Function
        ▪ High-Resolution Touch Screen Interface
        ▪ Advanced Digital Technology
        ▪ Real-Time Status
        ▪ Dual Side Feelers
        ▪ Bigger Cutting Wheels
        ▪ Accelerated Long-Life Milling
        ▪ Outstanding Processing and Storage
        Finish Various Lens Materials
        The HPE-8000 offers the freedom to finish a range of lens materials including glass, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex.
        Diverse Beveling Options
        The HPE-8000 offers the widest range of beveling options available, including standard, mini-bevel, asymmetric, semi-U and customizable beveling for high-curved frames. Almost anything is possible with the HPE-8000.
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic Simulation Function
        With the HPE-8000, you have the flexibility to perform partial grooving for premium design frames and, for extremely fashionable and trendy frames, you can perform hybrid grooving to combine a grooved and beveled area in a single lens. To determine their exact position before processing, simply use the unit’s built-in simulation function.
        High-Resolution Touch Screen Interface
        The HPE-8000 features a high-resolution 10.4-inch TFT-LCD touch screen. This graphical interface is extremely user-friendly touch screen and features a tilt function for more comfortable use.
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        Advanced Digital Technology
        Advanced 3-Dimensional digital technology substantially reduces the overall cycle time.

        Real-Time Status
        Detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time.

        Dual Side Feelers
        Dual side feelers scan the front and back side of the lens simultaneously for 50% faster lens reading.
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        Bigger Cutting Wheels
        Bigger cutting wheels and a robust motor system offer up to 30% faster cutting speeds.
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic Accelerated Long-Life Milling
        Extremely precise milling is possible with the HPE-8000. This unit effectively prevents axis twisting of special hydrophobic lenses. Enjoy speed and perfection with this one-of-a-kind milling tool.
        Outstanding Processing and Storage
        The HPE-8000 is complete with SD Card storage and memory for full PC compatibility and portability. Faster data processing is also made possible with the integration of a high-performance 1GHz CPU.
        HPE-8000 Patternless Edger Huvitz - US Ophthalmic


        Features of the HAB-8000 Lens Tracer and Blocker

        ▪ All-in-One System
        ▪ Fully Automated
        ▪ Intuitive Touch Screen
        ▪ Automatic Lens Center Recognition
        ▪ No Lens Marking
        ▪ Integrated Lensmeter
        ▪ Real-Time Scan
        ▪ Digital Scan Hole Detection
        ▪ Advanced 3D Tracing
        ▪ Digital Pattern Layout
        ▪ Real-Time Data Transmission
        ▪ Drag-and-Drop Hole Editing
        ▪ Digital Scanning
        ▪ High-End Extras
        All In One System
        The HAB-8000 is a one-stop finishing solution, combining the functions of a tracer, lensmeter and blocker in one powerful system.

        Fully Automated
        Fully automated lens centering and blocking is now available at the push of a button. Simply place the lens in position and the HAB-8000 will do the rest. Frame reading, lens centering, and blocking are performed automatically and in real-time for maximum speed and convenience.

        Intuitive Touch Screen
        A 10.4-inch high-resolution touch screen monitor allows operators to control all of the system’s functions. Users of all experience levels can easily manage the entire finishing process. With the HAB-8000, you can perform all lens layout work, adjust parameters and select edging options using an intuitive, icon-based touch screen. This information is then directly transferred to the edger simply by pressing the start button.
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic Automatic Lens Center Recognition
        Featuring Automatic Lens Center Recognition the HAB-8000 automatically detects the lens shape and knows what type of lens you’re using— whether it’s single vision, bi-focal, or progressive.
        No Lens Marking
        The integrated high-performance lensmeter automatically recognizes the type of lens being used as soon as it is set in position and provides the spherical value, cylindrical value, and axis of the lens upon scanning. Whether it’s a progressive, bi-focal, or other lens, there’s no need for marking with the HAB-8000.
        Real-Time Scan
        Enjoy the speed and automation of the HAB-8000. Simply place the lens in the blocking center and, almost instantly, the lens is displayed on screen at a 1:1 ration—in real time and to scale. Fully automated lens centering and blocking is achieved using a motorized arm for block placement.
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic Digital Scan Hole Detection
        Tracing and hole editing time are dramatically reduced with the HAB-8000. Operators will achieve outstanding levels of efficiency with real-time simulated lens and hole detection function.
        Advanced 3D Tracing
        The HAB-8000 features Automatic Recognition. The complete frame reading process including frame capture, groove detection, and tracing is fully automated, resulting in exceptionally accurate scanning. Scanning is conducted using Huvitz Three-Dimensional Scanning technology, which makes data collection easier and more precise.
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic Digital Pattern Layout
        The HAB-8000 offers outstanding versatility. For instance, a Digital Pattern Layout menu allows users to modify lens width, height, and circumference and manage the fitting challenges posed by rimless and semi-rimless frames.
        Real-Time Data Transmission
        For added efficiency, the HAB-8000 features Real-Time Data Transmission technology, which allows the unit to transmit the tracing data, FPD, frame diameter, and other key factors directly to the edger in real-time.

        Drag-and-Drop Hole Editing
        The HAB-8000 offers a fast and easy hole-editing function that uses simple drag and drop technology, which is especially helpful with rimless and semi-rimless frames.

        Digital Scanning
        Demo lenses and pattern shapes can be acquired using digital scanning rather than tracing. This convenient technology substantially reduces overall cycle time.

        High-End Extras
        Storage drawer for lenses and blocking pads as well as a sliding dust cover for the frame reader to ensure durability and precision every time.
        Lens Tracer/Blocker HAB-8000 Huvitz - US Ophthalmic


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