Dentimax USB Dental Digital X-Ray Dream Sensor


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        Dentimax USB Dental Digital X-Ray Dream Sensor

        We’ve been working our tails off over here at DentiMax to produce the hottest sensor on the market… and it’s finally here 

        Here’s what you asked for, and what we’ve delivered:

        • Unparalleled Image quality (CMOS)                   
        • Ridiculously thin sensor head
        • Smooth rounded corners for comfort
        • Heavy-duty cable (for all those biters)
        • …And most importantly…

        Sensor #1

        Sensor #2


        Dentimax digital Sensor is the latest innovation in digital x-ray sensors by introducing the most user-friendly sensor on the market today. This sensor is designed with the most innovative features including unique grooves, an easy-to-use sensor holder system, plus low radiation exposure making it easier than ever to use. In addition to these features, it is one of the most durable, high-resolution sensors used in dentistry today.

        Where else can you find a digital X-ray Sensor and Pratice managment softwear company all in one!!!!


        Digital X-Ray Sensor Imaging Software


        Digital X-Ray Sensor Systems

        It’s Compatible!

        Dentimax digital sensors are compatible with nearly all practice managment software Including…..

        • Dentrix
        • Eaglesoft
        • Softdent
        • Practiceworks
        • Easydental
        • Dentimax


        Your Dentimax Dental Digital X-Ray System includes…

        – sensor Size # 2 Digital Sensor (1250 x 1640, 22 μm square pixels)

         or #1 Digital Sensor (912 x 1368, 22 μm square pixels)

        – sensor positioner

        – Instructional Video

        – 2 year Limited Warranty

        $7,600.00 $6,100.00
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