3shape D700 3D Dental Scanner


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        3Shape’s D700 series scanners are for medium to large labs where
        productivity and flexibility are the key criteria. The Scanner comes
        with “Dental System Premium”
        3Shape’s unique 2-camera and 3-axis motion system
        2 cameras with reduced angle enable impressions,deep inlays, and full
        undercuts to be scanned effectively.
        The 3-axis motion system allows the dental object to be tilted,
        rotated, and translated, facilitating scanning from any viewpoint and
        enabling scanning of more than 350 degrees of a sphere.
        Scan parameters are automatically adjusted to the object’s material
        for accurate color capture.
        Scan time (Final 3D model)      Single die: 25 sec (30 sec), Full model: 60
        sec (75 sec)
        Resolution      2 cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixels
        Accuracy        High accuracy: < 20 Microns
        Material color  Material color independent
        Scan indications        Market’s most extensive range.
        Dimensions (W x H x D)  34 x 29 x 33cm (14″ x 11″ x 13″)

        Scanning the market’s most extensive range of dental indications
        Antagonist model, Pre-preparationImpression scanning (Add-on
        Module)Model builder for impression and intraoral scans (Add-on
        Module)Single copingBridge frameworkAnatomical copings and
        frameworkFull anatomical crownFull anatomical bridgeSingle wax up/ Wax
        up bridgeInlay / Onlay / Inlay bridgeVeneersOver-press crowns and
        bridgesPost & coreTelescopeCustomized abutments (Add-on Module)Implant
        bars and bridgesRemovable partial design (Add-on Module)Orthodontics
        module (Add-on Module

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